Funding Sources – Public

See here for public  sources of funding –  in no particular order….

The Arts Council

A major source of arts funding for the arts. Various awards throughout the year. Check their website and sign up for their newletter. Applications can be made online using their specially set up submission system – really cool! You will have to get registered (free) which takes a few weeks last time I looked, after that you have a code and can use it as often as you like.

Key awards are the Arts Bursary [general arts practice progression], the Visual Arts Project Award [for something specific] and the Travel & Training award [for use abroad only].

The EU

See EU page here for more details – but short version  – see The European Cultural Contact Point here  These are generally big projects and trans national. In general it will have to be a partnership project, including three or more memebr (or Accession) states, there is a sort of ‘dating’ site on the CCP website to help you find partners.

Also see the European Cultural Foundation a gateway site for EU grants.

In particular there is The Step Beyond Grant  , although the eligablity criteria and application process is demanding. You will need an invitation citing a collaboration to apply.

The VAI (Visual Artists Ireland)

This is probably the main source of information about all things visual art for practicing artists – they will also announce a lot of funding opportunites.  Have a look at their website or sign up for the eBulletin.  Artists can become a member too, well worth considering.

Dunlaoghaire Rathdown County Council Arts Office

Various arts awards and grants throughout the year. They have just got a new arts strategy so expect some changes. Best to keep a look out. You can also sign up for their eBulletin .

#WATCH OUT – They require 7 copies of everything. I got rejected for omitting this – and I though I had done everything perfectly. #

Dublin City Council

Check their website regularily to see whats available – new things get announced throughout the year. They don’t seem to have an ezine or elist announceing these – if you find one let me know!

Fingal County Council

The Per Cent Scheme

This is a source of funding generally administered (from the point of view of the artist) by whoever is commissioning the project. So even though it is one scheme, the ‘access points’ are very varied. It tends to be built into a ‘Call to Tender’ or ‘Call for Submissions to PerCent Scheme Project’  by a particular public body, typically a school, a hospital or nursing home or county council.

The funds come from a levy (1%?) of every budget for every public building project. In theory it was to result in every project haveing some art included, but in reality where to main body is a county council the levy is combined as used as a total funding group for the public arts programme of that county – so it can end up in some odd places. Certainly, not attached to project which created the 1%.

This also impact on how it’s run – VERY official, these are figures big enough to require a proper tendering process.  Generaly the projects are quite ambitious, even when the funds are not.  It seems to me that some mediums are more suited to being in the public art realm than others, and the selection panale can have some very strong views on what they want (one I encountered wanted a doorway hidden by a fake paint effect – on the side).

I have found these application procedures extremely demanding and requiring very detailed budgets and project descriptions, almost to the point of a set of instructions. There is also a lot of competition for these, and many applicants and spending a lot on their presenation – application materials of actual maquettes  or printed books of the proposed artwork are not unusual.  In other words – expensive.

You can ask a lot of questions about what they want. just be aware that the answer is most likely to be sent to everyone who has expressed an interest. These contracts are advertised on the government tender website,  by County Councils, sometimes in the papers and usually in the VAI newsletter.

Department of Environment website on public art – per cent scheme

Irish Government Public Tenders

You will have to register on the website to recieve the email alerts and you can select from a long list of areas that interest you.  This is also a source of information on the per cent scheme. and to register go to –


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