Funding Sources – Private

See here for private sources of funding.

The Ireland Funds

Funds availalbe for organisations and groups – generally for social development projects. 2012 the dealine was the end of March.

See too


A crowd funding website run by Business-to-arts. This is a way to present your idea and invite people to contribute to the cost of making it, in return for unique rewards.

You send in your project proposal after registering to the website and this is then assessed before being posted, so there is a selection procedure.

To make this work you do need have some sort of following,  I get the impression they want applicants to have a  list of potential contributors already. The fundraising is to a deadline and all-or-nothing, if the target isn’t reached, no funds are received.  The rewards are varied, from straightforward to downright whacky, again, I think imaginative and actually desirable rewards offered will help both application and fundraising.

The sort of amounts I have been reading about are either smallish in the ‘few thousands’ but for quite substantial outputs, or they seem to settle around the 20k mark for more ambitious projects. I do get the impression that they are likely to barely cover outgoings and minimal support for the boring basics of food and living expenses. So maybe this is an add-on sort of funding source.

Social Entrepreneurs Ireland

Funding for projects primarily in social development but they have funded arts projects. The project MUST be scaleable – this is their key requirement.

Golden Fleece Award

Annual open submission competitive Arts Funding Award. Past winners include a lot of painters and ceramics, and crafts in general,  but print is listed as an acceptable medium for entry.


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