See here for a selection of useful stuff  (assume all the usual caveats and disclaimers).

In this section there is a general list of resources and information about printmaking that I have found useful.  Some open submission print exhibitions by submission date (i.e. which month).  Some sources of funding – public and various private organisations. Some information on residencies.  I’ll keep adding to these anon.

Most current announcements I tweet on @irishetchings

In general be very wary of any organisation that wants to charge you to apply. Many organisations juat want to make a few bob out of you and may not be of any real use or prestige.

Open Subs

Open Sub Exhibitions generally fall into two categories  – the ones that require a fee to enter and those that don’t. In general if you have to post your entry you may not have your work returned, and even the ones that do can take a while to get round to it and will ask for funds to pay for it. Luckily, many of the modern ones allow an entry by Jpeg. But a word to the wise – watch out for the ones that want hard copy – you will need to allow time for posting this; I have been caught out a few times by this having got used to emailing entries and have missed the deadlines.  You may need to be prepared to lose the work if its overseas and doesn’t sell.

In general it is a good thing to give it a shot – sooner or later someone somewhere will love your work and want to exhibit it.

Funding Sources

Funding sources are few and far between but if yer not in you can’t win! I have listed a few.

Its a good idea to build up a sort of ‘kitbag’ of stuff for these, it cuts down a lot on the time it takes to make the application. Some applications are more hassle than others, you may find one that for you is easy to do.

Have the basics ready and to hand, maybe s[pend a few days just working on these before beginning. An up to date CV [some will specify a maximum length; I find it handy to have mine in ‘blocks’ by category so I can easily shorten it if I need to]. Many applications will look for an Artist’s Statement [this varies a lot depending on the context and the artist – the latest I heard is to keep it quite short, use plain language and describe what you do and why].  Some look for an Artist Biography – this is a bit of a blend, a few bits of cv information and some ‘what and why’ information. (Have a look at my bio at teh front of this blog).  The aritst bio may be instead of the CV and/or statement.  An image list – this is important if dull,  a clear list of what each image is, in order. Include title, medium, size in cm and editioned or not.  An optional edition is a comment on each piece – could be as simple ‘this is a new departure..’.   I keep a master list of everything, so come the moment I can just cut & paste the bits I need. Sometimes a cover letter is needed – include a bullet point list of what’s been submitted / included.  Or if there is no cover letter I recommend including a page with the  list of inclusions  anyway – a check list for them to make sure they have everything.  These thinkgs can be done mostly in advance.

If you want, get your online presence sorted out in good time –  these blogs are free, and so it Facebook. Then these links (and links to anything else of yours online) can be included in the application.

Keep every budget you ever work out as these can be used to inform the next ones. On the whole agencies – despite protestations to the contrary -will not give you the full amount requested. Somewhere between 1 third and 2 thirds seems to be the norm. And at the same time they want it to be accurate! The only hot tip ~I have come across so far is to put in some costings under the heading of ‘administration’ – this is acceptable. And personally I include a daily rate with the phrase ‘based on the average industrial wage‘.  (I have had mixed results).

The application form generally has to be done individually – they each tend to have their own – but a lot will allow cut & paste which helps. You can often email to request a word version if they offer only a pdf and you want to type into it.  I suggest doing the boring bit first and then going back to do the hard bits. And spell check (I know that’s a cheek coming from me… 🙂 ).


Residencies are also listed as and when I come across them. If I can pass on any feedback I will.


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