What I’m Working on Now

See here for a quick overview of whatever I happen to be working on at the moment.


More audio! working towards a major development in my practice involving study and more ambitious sound projects. Working on a selection of the following: GPS Sound walk. Podcast and Immersive Sound Installation. Yum!

I am getting quite obsessed with speakers, and am on the scrounge for freebies..

In printmaking, there are a few annual shows I contribute to, and I am eyeing up larger scale work and carborundum…

Also making a bit of a push on all things funding related, ETSY,  a Donate option and sponsorship option via Patreon; I have even added a ‘Support’ page to this blog!.

A new website is under development as well to showcase the digital art pieces.


Sound Art 

wed walkies 002

Exploring sound art – gotta new ZOOM N1






For the ‘Cities and Memory’ Projects 

Prison Songs

‘Roots (You will miss me when I am gone)’






‘All of Suburbia Makes A Nice Cup Of Tea’


Preparing  – and printing -for a participation in a major group show in August


Before the Beehive by Camilla Fanning

Before the Beehive by Camilla Fanning


First waterclour of the season. Painted as always En Plein Air.






Ongoing research on ‘Periferies’ heading out into the landscape to draw and paint too.  Also looking at new media possibilities and testing a variety of printmaking techniques and colour planning. Starting to produce some work now as well.

October /November

Hearsay Festival – networking and new ideas (aka FUN!) – but it IS useful too… All about Audio in all it’s forms.

Submitted to Halftone  paperwork and delivery.

Filled in a squillian funding applications and Open Call submissions…. so far no joy…

Making plates for small etchings for ongoing exhibitions


UTOPIA PROJECT A soundwork made and contributed to the Cities & Memory collaborative project  UTOPIA – the final work Launched online on 28 September  www.citiesandmemory.com/utopia  Used ‘Audacity’ sotfware for sound editing.

Make Your Own APP – Did the Introductory course at MAKESHOP TCD Dublin. Used ‘Sublime’ for the coding.

Short Visit to Kilkee – more drawings and outdoor painting.

Monoprinting in the studio to try out colours and new scale.


Graphic Studio Dublin Project – ‘Urbis Felicitas’ – Research begins for this in Mountjoy Sq with a site visit to some of the buildings.  I put up my research photos on Flickr

Arty Admin- Working on a GPS activated location specific Soundwalk. applying for funding, various awards, identifying potential collaborators,

SoundArt Making field recordings and sourcing found materials online.

July & August

Re-aquanting myself with monoprinting. Thinking about larger scale images and colour overprinting for the ‘Periferies’ project.

June 2015

Residency at Cill rialaig – see the main blog for details


Dropped off a copper plate etching (hard ground) to SO Fine art Editions for the summer show.



This is an R&D year!

  • I am developing a major piece of work requiring a lot of drawing and research out in the landscape; this will take some time! I am aiming for the West of Ireland, Iceland and Norway – over the next few years…. Just as well I am not in a hurry.
  • I am getting more involved in Soundscapes (Experimenting here – art.https://soundcloud.com/irish-etchings-irish-etchings/tracks).
  • Lots of applications being done for funding and residencies – planning ahead – takes AGES.

The GSd Exhibtion continues to travel too. See  http://www.anaturalselectiongsd.com/ for the latest updates.

Finding out about Game design – FUNGUS BY SNOZBOT 


The HearSay Festival of Audio Arts


UCD 3D Printing Expo 1 Oct 2014


Perifieries Research

Short research visit to Kilkee-  drawings and outdoor painting.



At last! there was a long wait for this, but the workshop ran in November  2013 in the National Print Museum. Thrilled silly!

My page typeset ready to ink up

My page typeset ready to ink up

UPDATING my ONLINE Portfolios 

Lost the login for Vimeo and FORGOT (!) where I put up the still images – found it eventually, Flickr of course!

General Protfolio –




In fact this is my first ever attempt at animation – this is a ‘live’ recording of ‘Chomp’ for Playhouse on Liberty Hall Dublin 2009.


A Natural Selection 

This is going to be BIG. It is hoped to have the show tour internationally as well.

Currently working on this – http://www.anaturalselectiongsd.com/ Prints just delivered, now helping out with the promotion.

This summer I had a new video piece included in Synthesis II in the IFI http://www.ifi.ie/film/ifi-fractal-music-synthesis-ii/ and Tweet Piece was also shown again in the CMC. I need to do a bit of re-editing on both of these too.

And I am updating all my online material. Just (re)found my Flicker Account – I’d lost it! http://www.flickr.com/photos/irishetchings/  A handy online portfolio. And, of course, the Blog!

MART opening night 

A commission by MART to make a piece for them about their new venue and its new life, with reference its past – in the trade ‘respondiig to’ the building.

I have blogged about this extensively,  but here’s a quick view of the constructions.

The constructions in situ

The constructions in situ

Every artist who helped with the FundIt campaign also got invited to make a piece using a cardboard box – and not much else! The show was called ‘Curb Your Carrie Bradshawism’ Here’s my piece for it – ‘StateOfDissipation’.



Tweet Piece for FRACTAL 

Right now I am recutting the video animation to match the final track – here is the music – I hope to have a completed integrated version on line asap


Strumpet City Exhibition 

Softground etching with drypoint.

The finished print.

The finished print.

Are We there Yet??

Work in progress for the opening night of MART end of August.

Portrait Workshop 2013

First attempt …


Here is the News 2013

A  music composition for choral work  developed over two days as part od the New Dublin Music festival.  Hope it will be on You-Tube soon. It was a hoot!


HackLab Recyclism December 2012

Discovered Arduino – am hooked!

dec iphone 021 dec iphone 026 dec iphone 028

dec iphone 024IPS September 2012

Exhibited watercolours for the first time.


Harvest Watercolour by Camilla Fanning

June 2012 Science Gallery ‘Artvertiser’ for Hack the City Exhibition

June 2012 took part of the Science Gallery Artvertiser Workshop for the Hack the City Exhibition. One of my pieces was selected for the final work – Naked Greed.  See below for more info:


Naked Greed buy Camilla Fanning

Naked Greed for Artvertiser by Camilla Fanning

The Black Hole of Debt Animation

Animation by Camilla Fanning

Animation by Camilla Fanning
See it at vimeo http://vimeo.com/44105164

See a youtube video about the project here Artvertiser

See a youtube video about the Science Gallery exhibition here Hack the City

RHA Life Drawing Sessions 2012

by Camilla Fanning

Standing Man
By Camilla Fanning

Solo Exhibition in Rigbys Deli Diner February 2012

An exhibition of my etchings to date.

Waterway by Camilla Fanning

Camilla Fanning


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