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 A brilliant Sound Artist


Avminnast by Nils Okland

The Deep End of the Ford

Just came across this lot – Deep End of the Ford – too georgeous for words!!

Scroll down the page to ‘The Cries of Sualtaim’s Head



Sebastien Barry’s Tweet Piece the track here –


Music: Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet

Wonderful piece of contemporaty music: by Gavin Bryars made by adding a backing soundtrack to a street recording of a tramp singing to himself.


The Spatial Music Collective

Go see this if you get the chance – beyond cool – if this was in Berlin you’d be on a flight to see it.


George Higgs Composer (Ireland) experimental and contemporary sounds


Eric Whitacre Virtual Choir Project ‘Light & Gold’  ‘We’re attempting to create the world’s largest online choir ever. We need as many people to join in as possible, and we’d like you to be one of them!’.  See the scores and join in.

Third Coast International Audio Festival Chicago  The director Julie Shapiro (see also canada –

Come Out

A piece of music based on an out of sync voice – by Steve Reich


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