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Giant poo delivers deadly serious message in New York. ‘On the eve of a critical UN Summit to review efforts to tackle world poverty, WaterAid let loose a giant poo on the streets of New York to highlight a global sanitation crisis responsible for 4,000 child deaths every day’.

A poo on the loose in New York

Swiss politican gets the giggles

Combining Motherhood & Politics.  ‘An Italian MEP attended a European Parliament session in Strasbourg carrying her baby in a sling’.

Reports of Aliens interfering with nukes.

Former PM Indicted for role in economic meltdown: ‘Monumental day today: for the first time in Iceland’s history, parliament voted to indict a former prime minister for negligence and misconduct in the line of duty’.

New Credit Rating Agency set up by Fromer Corporate Investigator Jules Kroll.

Saved from Stoning – but might be hanged.

Global Voices Website

Russia  China   and so on…

The EU Mulls Gender Quotas on Companies Boards

 Icelandic law protecting journalist  (16 June 2010)

Iceland: Foreign cuurency loans deemed illigal