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Very Scary Robots Here !!!!

Takes a while to get to it…….

DARPA Hummingbird Drone

DARPA Hummingbird Drone

DARPA Hummingbird Drone

Japanese Caregiving (nice) Robots

RIBA II Nice Robot

RIBA II Nice Robot

Controlling Objects in Cyberspace with Brainwaves

Lee Tan with Headgear

Lee Tan with Headgear

Digital movement in real space

“MIT’s Daniel Leithinger sits in front of a screen displaying video of a red ball on a table. Leithinger raises up his hands and a field of columns erupts from the table, forming a pixellated physical model of his hands in real time”.  (

From digital to real

From digital to real

Drones in Civilian Border Patrol

Public v Private Data 

“We are moving from an era of private data and public analyses to one of public data and private analyses. Just as we have learned to be cautious about data that are missing, we may have to be cautious about missing analyses also. (

Robots to Communicate Over The World Wide Web

“Cloud-based RoboEarth aims to help robots benefit from the experience of other machines”

The Internet of Things

Army Prepares to Replace Thousands of Troops with Military Robots

Why Google Bought Robots (AI)

“Google just bought a fearsome fleet of robots…The company confirmed a New York Times report that it has acquired Boston Dynamics, the Massachusetts-based maker of such noted mechanical beasts as BigDog, Atlas, Petman, Cheetah and Wildcat…The company’s robots are among the world’s most advanced two- and four-legged machines. Some are humanoid, while others resemble predatory animals. Most have been developed under contract with military agencies, including the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA”.

Robots: ‘Understanding’ Laughter

Robots to be Smarter Than Us by 2029

Boston Dynamics

Jobs to be Lost to Robots & AI in Next 10 Years

“Here are the ten fastest-growing jobs and the odds that robots and software eat them:

1) Personal care aides: 74%
2) Registered nurses: 0.9%
3) Retail salespersons: 92%
4) Combined food prep & serving workers: 92%
5) Home health aides: 39%
6) Physician assistant: 9%
7) Secretaries and admin assistants: 96%
8) Customer service representatives: 55%
9) Janitors and cleaners: 66%
10) Construction workers: 71% “

Which Jobs Most Likely to be Lost First to Robots & AI

Changing nature of Work and Value; Social Implications 

The canary in the mine:

Artisans are going to have a bad time in the next few decades. They will spin their wheels trying to sell nonessential variety just out of reach of machines, that require unprofitable amounts of customer-education marketing. They will hawk under-priced artisanal coffee, food, clothing, jewelry and handbags to a shrinking class of consumers with enough discretionary income.”

Decentralized control of multiple robots under uncertainty

Use of AI in Conflict 

‘DARPA’s Distributed Battle Management (DBM) program aims to address these challenges. The program aims to develop control algorithms and demonstrate robust decision-aid software for battle management at the tactical edge.’

Cyber Warriors – DARPA Training 

“This involves skills such as being able to reverse engineer binary, or machine-readable, files and, Ragsdale said, finding source-code-level vulnerabilities that could be exploited, and doing so with software source-level analysis and with automated tools that perform functions such as fuzzing, the informal name for automatic bug finding.

Cyber warriors also must be able to identify potentially exploitable vulnerabilities in binaries that adversaries can and often do exploit, he added. They also must understand the many ways cryptography is implemented across the infrastructure and identify the approaches adversaries may use to try to subvert crypto system security”.

South Korea to Develop Cyberweapons

Women in Cybersecurity

On Quantum Computing

Drone Swarms Predicted

Google Glass for the Battlefield

Photo: BAE Systems

Mapping Twitter Converstation Activity

Robot Safari – Science Museum London Exhibtion 2013

Robots for Mars Mission – with ‘Human Like Brains’

Data Visualisation – on Art by Artists

The Hexapod – ArtBot

Augmented Intelligence

View story at

Kasparov on Chess and Computers

Sound ArtBots


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