See  below for a totally random collection of videos and similar. Please note – I am not promoting any particular view, although I am interesrted in dissenting voices for their very existance.

The presentation of the book, not long, and well worth a look.

Susan Cain on The Power of the Introvert – a TED talk 

Some excerts from the film of the wonders of the world Baraka

That hand dance thingy –

Baraka Monkey Dance

Japanese monkeys relaxing – so human!

Baraka Monkeys in Hot Springs

All about Enron, the hubris, the downfall. Fast paced, entertaining. And a really good example of documentary making. The interviewees efficiently hang themselves.

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

You’ve heard of the Al Gore documentary, well this is what the other guys are saying.

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Tony Robinson examines the influence of the bible on politics ( a hoot!)

The Doomsday Code

And another one – ‘What about God?’ Documentary focusing on combining science & Creationist beliefs at Wheaton College.

What about God Part I

What about God Part II

What about God Part III

What about God Part IV


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