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The new campaign by the VAI  called ‘ASK – Has the artist been paid?  is beginning now and seeks to highlight the anomoly whereby in exhibitions, in particular those with significant public funding, bery often theonly cntributoe not the be rewardedfor their workis the artist on which the exhibition depeds for its existance in the first place.

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UNESCO on the rights of Artists

Recommendatins concerning the status of artists 

On The Move -Policy & Advocacy 

Social Aspects of Cultural Mobility 

European Parliament

the Status of Artists in Europe


ACTA 2012 

The EU Law – text; Currently under review by the Courts of the European Union (April 2012)

Arts Council Report on Living Conditions for Artists. ‘The average professional artist living in the Republic of Ireland earns just €14,500 a year from his or her art, despite having a higher level of formal education than the wider labour force, new research shows’.  Full Report:

Seacourt Symposium on Definitions of Original Print in a Digital Age. In an era of increased use of technology to produce images and the prevelance of Glicee prints the definitions are getting complex. What exactly is a Limited Edition? How is Original defined?

Pocket Prints Postcards Exibition in Belfast. Belfast Print Studio present small postcard-size prints until July 31st. See here for a U-Tube virtual tour – and note –no frames! Just strung along a line.

Own Art Scheme (UK) A brilliant system to help people to buy art using a really accessable loan scheme  ‘the Arts Council England aims to put the arts at the heart of national life. One of the ways we do this is to encourage people to live with art they love. We also want to help artists live by their creative output and support galleries who sell high quality contemporary art’.  See

EU Green Paper – Unlocking the Potential of Creative and Cultural Industries 2010. Visual artists’ workspaces in Ireland: A new approach. June 2010 Arts Council Ireland:

VAI – 70% of Visual Artists Ireland earn less than €25K a year. See here for RTE report:,null,230

On the importance of independent sources of arts funding. By Tamara Rojo Principal Dancer with the Royal Ballet