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The Magic Carpet Flight Manual

Online archive photos of  Ireland 18th – early 20th Century National Library of Ireland.  The Clarke Collection, images of social history and the Ephemera Collection, old posters, advertisements & historic documents  All available to view online. A stunning resource.

Young Chinese Artists Forge Connections with an Online Gallery home page ‘ is an online community and social network dedicated to China’s creative community. It’s the leading online destination for the discovery of original music, art, events, and goods among China’s creative class’.

Sean Naftel’s Ticket Booth & Popcorn Stand 

ticket 1   ticket 2

Oatfield Sweets Art Project – ‘Sweet Fantastic’ . A wonderful children and community art work – inspired.

Spot the Artwork……  



Street Art

Street Art Dublin


Spotted in Dublin city centre in April – artwork on an otherwise derelict street.

Poetry by Eriko.

From the article –  And below an excerpt:

” from the Japanese writer Eriko Tsugawa-Madden, which opens:

I learned to count when I was four.

I counted dead fisherman

Lined up on the sandy shore

Covered with straw mats.

Ichi..Ni..San..Shi . . .

Though not literally about the immigrant experience, his [sic: should be ‘her’!]  poem Typhoon is about the world we can all inhabit in our imaginations, and evinces a commendably outward view:

I could count big numbers.

Pity there were only four.

I counted them

Like the shadows of fencepost

I used to pass on the sandy hill. ”

Report by Gerald Dawe in the Sunday Business Post last weekend about the book ‘Landing places’.”




Turns out different breeds of hen produce different coloured shells!

BANSKY ONLINE: article about new film of Bansky Working.  – From The Sunday Times, February 28, 2010