Digital Media Portfolio Selection

All images & audio  copyright of Camilla Fanning (fair usage applies). Please let me know if you see something that infriges your own copyright: every effort has been made to ensure only open source materials are being used. 

See here for an up to date playlist of sound pieces 


Podcast: Waterways Ireland Public Art Commission – work in Progress

Audio Installation: Kunstpodium – through 2017-2018

Podcast: A Prtrait of the WebSummit – work in progress. Interviews and ambients audio on the spot field recordings.

Sound Walk: ‘High Tide’ – work in progress A GPS activated audio portrait of a local swimming spot, voices and ambient sounds, field fecordings.


Underground History: The Next Station for Cities & Memories 2016

“Despite living in Dublin I am surprisingly familiar with the London Underground. Like many from Ireland I visit London a lot and even lived and worked there for a while.
Bank station is right in the heart of the historic soul of London; around it are famous landmarks and memories of pivotal past events. Shakespeare, old rhymes, the Thames, The Great Fire, The City, the Blitz, Handel … and beyond. No matter what, London survives and thrives.
As I thought about this project I began to think of the under soil of the city and all the history contained in it and began to imaging the tube train as something like a time machine cutting a swathe through this history, and eventually beyond these bounds and into the unwritten future.
And so the sounds blend an imagined voyage through time encountering historic soundscapes along the way. ”

Part of the project The Next Station, reimagining the sounds of the London Underground and creating the first ever tube sound map. – for more information see

Made using iphone, field recordings,  opensource sound  and Audacity

Prison Songs for Cities & Memory 2016

Prison Songs


I heard a theory about the music of the south or the blues.  It outlined the many influences from all sorts of sources, in particular through the mixing of cultures while the railroads were being built. Some of the most noticeable  influences were Irish traditional Music,  African chants coming through work songs,  Cajun sounds – bottleneck and steel guitar in particular and even the Chinese scale, possibly heard from the camps of the Chinese workers.   All these diverse sources blended to make the songs we recognise today.  I wanted o disaggregate the history of these sounds and make a piece combining all the originals as part of the reimagining, reflecting all the different peoples  who went into the making of the prison song.   Parallel to this I was rehearsing  ‘Spem in Alium’ and when I got stuck in the project, this is what gave me the way forward and the inspiration for the final form the piece has taken.

Made using provided field recordings,  opensource sound  and Audacity,


DADA SOUNDS  for Cities & Memory 2016

Sound piece made for a project by Cities and Memories launched on February 5th

Made using IPhone and Audacity

See here for the  project

Dada Shareable_1


The UTOPIA  PROJECT (Cities & Memory 2015)

Sound piece made for a project by Cities and Memories launched on 28th of September.

Made using IPhone and Audacity

See here for the final result: UTOPIA 

Utopia Shareable 2





A Day in A Life (Synthesis II Irish Film Institute 2013)

A Video Portrait of the daily contradicitions of being an artist in the 21st Century

Made using Iphone and Movie Maker


Tweet Piece (FRACTAL 2012)

Made using found and scanned images, iphone  and Movie Maker 


Black Hole of Debt (Artvertiser Project 2012)

Simple animation using inkscape


Playhouse (Liberty Hall 2009)


Simple animation through leds on the building, using the Playhouse App 


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