My practice includes fine art printmaking and sound art. I focus on intaglio print techniques, my primary theme being the Irish landscape.  I frequently make research trips into the countryside, and to the west of Ireland when I can.

I have exhibited in Ireland, the UK, Norway and the US,  curated exhibitions the Archives of the Botanic Gardens Dublin and the Graphic Studio Dublin, studied in Dublin, New York and Berlin, gained arts awards from the ACI and DLR Co.Co. , am a member  of the Graphic Studio and held an artist residency in Cill Rialaig in summer 2015.

I have several sound works online, and had an installation piece in the Solstice Art Centre in 2017.

See here for a playlist 

I approach Sound like sculpture.  I am interested in making digital immersive large scale interventions outside as well as inside the gallery space.  I conceive of this as being interdisciplinary durational interactive site specific Installation.  I use field recordings, sound assemblage, and am interested in the crossovers with music and movement. I am interested in the use of space and locations, thinking about the ‘encounter’ and audience interaction. Sound is a very human visceral experience. Using field recordings, spoken word and audio is collected and collaged, edited and mixed to create soundscape or sound assemblage, with an awareness of crossovers with music and movement.

The themes I explore are related to the the gap between what is real versus what is acknowledged.   I am interested in that part of the social construct that relies on secrecy and denial, and the dichotomies and social delusions it spawns is what is intriguing.

I also have a serious twitter habit @irishetchings




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