Summer Audio Projects – work in progress

This is the summer of audio projects, both new and finishing off the almost completed. It is also a summer of fundraising and a sponsor hunt to support these and more.

I am currently working on three core projects, with a few more on the horizon, these are a Waterways Ireland Public Art Commission, The Websummit 2016 Audio Portrait, and a Soundwalk.

Why work on more than one at a time? Well, first of all, working a few related but different projects keeps everything fresh! And then there are practical considerations too, with a few on the go at the same time it’s just more efficient. Having different projects in different phases means never twiddling my thumbs waiting for the next bit of something to arrive.

The Websummit Audio Portrait

This came about as a result of the generous offer by Paddy Cosgrave of free tickets for women in tech to attend the Lisbon Websummit last year. Like many, I jumped at the chance, booked a cheap flight and an even cheaper hotel room – idiosyncratic to say the least – and headed off. I had in mind from the start to make a sound piece on this, and even got myself a press pass.

In the event this was a great way to experience the summit as I was really engaged directly with so may wonderful speakers who kindly gave me interviews. In fact I was the only one given an interview by Framestore’s William Sargent! I also tracked down and chatted to a wide variety of delegates including self proclaimed VCs, made lots of in-situ ambient recordings and even a few from the stages.

The edit and mixdown is a mammoth task, not least as I want to create a sense of being there, so it requires a lot of attention to detail.  This is about to be published, currently draft segments are being circulated to the interviewees. This one has just been seen by Goavega India –  Draft Segment.

The Waterways Public Art Commission

Inspired  on the sounds and experiences around the Grand Canal in Dublin this will take the form of a podcast sound walk. Anyone walking along the canal paths can listen as they stroll.

I will be out and about along the canal throughout August making field recordings and recordings of passers-by who want to tell me their canal related memories and stories. Along with archival research this will all go in the mix to create the final audio track.

This should be ready for the public to use by mid September.

The Sound Walk

A geo-location based sound walk, based on the experience of being at a lido,  one of many swimming spots to be found on the Dublin coastline, this can be listened to via smartphone.  This one is the prototype for demonstration purposes so not for general publishing just yet, but a few people will be invited to try it out by way of Beta testing as soon as it goes live.

On the horizon…

Well, one I am looking forward to in particular is my participation in the Kunstpodium-T Apprentice-Master programme this autumn. Selected last spring,  I am now working on my introduction video which gets viewed by the project to help match artists into their respective teams.  The resulting piece is included in a group show on the continent headlined by an established artist. ‘Kunstpodium T facilitates the development of the artists’ identity and cultural entrepreneurship for a new generation of artists’.  This promises to be very interesting indeed.

I have a few submissions in for Open Calls and Per Cent scheme projects – for now it’s wait and see!

Finally, I am hacking some old radios to use to create Theremin style sounds and – my current favourite pastime –stripping speaker cones from any source I can get my mitts on in preparation for a new sound piece.  (I have a slight fixation on wires).

6 August 2017


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