Sound Installation

This is my sound installation ‘OVER HERE’ in the Solstice Arts Centre this April as part of the ‘DETACHED’ exhibition.

This is one of my newest pieces as I begin to exhibit audio works. It is part of my MFA studies, which I have undertaken with a particular focus on digital art and sound art in particular.  I was particulairly pleased with myself on this one as I did all the wiring myself!

It uses a variety of audio sources, including recording of the voice with the help of friends in the Goethe Intitut Choir who I recorded using a Zoom Hn1 to create the multi-voice vocal elements.  These were then edited and mixed with solo voices and a Braam element, using Adobe Audition.  The installation itself consisted of 5 speakers and a sub woofer, with the audio file running thorough a 5.1 amp from a small media player. And did I mention the wire?

I am working on more sound art pieces and will post them here as they are completed.

It’s all very exciting!!!



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