A very busy autumn

It’s all very well being run of my feet with art deadlines – but when then do I feed the blog!! Well, the answer is never – so to make amends here is a very speedy overview of a very very mad packed six months – after the RA Summer show.

Next up was the Print Show at Newtownbarry House, in Bunclody in Wexford. This was a group show curated by Robert Lane who invited print artists established and emerging to exhibit for the whole of August.

2016-08-09_wex_23543715_I2 Clody print-show-crop invite cover

Clody and Anya of the Gallery (with collector) at the opening, which even made it into the press.

After this was the sound project for Cities and Memories, based on the London Underground. This whole project got quite a bit of attention in London. and before that on the ‘Prison Songs’ project.

 The Next Station CnM July 2016    Prison Songs

This was just sent in and there were workshops on Twine and Analogue Game designing; Twine not so much,but I can see possibilities in the other!


Then etchings had to wrapped and sent via courier to Yorkshire for the Zillah Bell exhibition; I was thrilled to be invited to this by Normal Ackroyd and even more thrilled to meet him on the night.

Invite front page 2

Just got back from this to have to get ready for the next UK exhibition, this time in the Bankside Gallery London, just around the corner from the Tate Modern. I’ve been eyeing this up for some time, so delighted to be included. Not only that, but they produced a gorgeous catalogue of the show as well.

image2   image3-1

In both cases I was in extraordinary company, with many of the best printmakers included.

They chose the same etching too !


Tractor and Pump

Barely got my bearings on this when I was off to do a set of interviews and field recordings in Lisbon for the WebSummit. Cue lots of mixing! If I have learned one thing from this experience, it is move heaven and earth to get a press pass – it makes the whole think just so much more fun!

cropmaking-sound-project   boxit-003

Somewhere along the line I topped 2000 followers on Twitter too.

So, July the RA London Summer Show, August The Print Show in Newtownbarry House, September the Zillah Bell Gallery, Yorkshire and November the Masters exhibition in Bankside London. and that’s not including the audio works or general painting, drawing, sketching and research for the next projects.


Is it any wonder I didn’t get round to blogging??

For more on the digital pieces see here


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