Starting Peripheries

May 2014.  As ever the beginning of a project is the hardest part.  And as ever finding the funds to do it is an issue, in fact it gets quite frustrating. I know exactly what I want to do, but until I get the wherewithal to do it I am very limited in what I can achieve. I will start however, and do whatever I can do under my own steam.

The plan is to visit a series of specific landscapes to do research drawings and paintings to work towards a print series.  I don’t like explaining what I do or to ‘translate’ it into words. but suffice  it to say for various creative reasons I need to be IN the landscapes themselves when I do this.

To this end I have begun to apply to residencies, some in Iceland and some in Norway. I need to apply for arts grants to do these,  but then I need an invitation or acceptance letter from a residency to make the funding application;  there is no way to streamline the process, so I have sent out a bevvy of applications and submissions. I also expect to need to go more than once to each destination so if I can get accepted to more than one all the better!

First up however, is the West of Ireland – my favourite hunting ground of West Clare, in this case Kilkee. Thanks to a friend Orla K who has provided accommodation for a few nights right in the middle of where I need to be! It will still be a bit of a push to get there for the usual dull practical  reasons but until I get some drawings done I can’t start anything. Even if I can get just a few I can at least start to work on test plates. 

I have also just got an invitation to Gullkistan residency in Iceland. It’s very expensive, but the landscape nearby looks amazing!!  I could be properly excited if I was convinced I’ll be able to go, that said, I am thrilled silly!

I tripped over a Tony Robbins ‘you can do it’ sort of TED talk.  So, this will certainly be a test of his theories!

Of course, it’s not the only project I am working on, but it is the one which requires most resourcing, and will take longest. Luckily, I don’t feel inclined to rush.

Onwards and upwards –as I have often said, if artists got paid for filling in funding applications we wouldn’t need the funding in the first place! Smile


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