Multi-Tasking innit? A typical fortnight

Every so often it is as if a handle is cranked just that bit faster and suddenly a lot of things happen at once.  It always comes as a surprise, but shouldn’t.  Everything has been trundling along for some time, typically with art lots of activity goes on in the background with no visible result  till the end. Then, as if all of a sudden, there it is. Frankly, it’s easy to lose track!

This round kicked off with the opening night  of the fundraiser exhibition in the Graphic Studio Gallery. On one of the hottest days of the summer, it was melting!  People stood outside to keep cool and dived in and out of the sauna heat of the gallery to view the prints.  Every kind of printmaking on display by fifty artists, all on Dublin city.  Mannix Flynn gave a great Opener. The prints are displayed without frames, all printed on the same size paper. It’s anew hanging system which is a bit controversial, but personally I like it, and just for practical reasons. I like th aesthetic of showing the ‘unadorned’ works.

Strumpet City Exhibition

Strumpet City Exhibition

Next up for me a week later was the SCREEN event at the Contemporary Music Centre in Temple Bar. This was a re-showing of my video piece for Sebastien Adam’s composition Tweet Piece as part of a linger programme of sound video works, and an experimental dance piece.  We hope to have it re-edited and combined soon and online in its entirety ( a link to the sound track is on the blog under Sounds).

CMC Dublin

This was first performed for FRACTAL last winter on one of the coldest days of the year, and for this showing, we were melting in the heat of one of the hottest days of the year. I’ve been invited to make another piece which I have started to work on now. The stills are mostly taken, I have to work out how to video myself with one hand! and I need to make the sound track, although I have a fairly clear idea of what will be on it. I suspect there will be some copyright clearance research too. Then, one again, I do battle with Movie Maker.

Poster ' july 17 event Screens'

meanwhile I am at the making stage of the MART project, now called ‘Are We There Yet’ – I am collecting the materials I need and adding some final detailed research.   The plan is in my sketchbook now and pretty much completed. There’s a few big ‘and just how am I going to actually do that?’ question marks, but – hey! that’s the fun part!


It takes decades to collect this level of deluxe ‘making’ materials.  Now at last I can justify lugging these form flat to house to storage to flat to studio – for years….




I also needed some footprints and the heat wave kindly provided the opportunity –


In the middle of all of this a day was spent with the GSD demonstrating print at the Rose Festival. We also provided kiddies the  opportunity to try out printing  – cue stampede!

Rose Festival Demo

I went to see the Civil Defense archive for research for ‘Are We there Yet’ – they were wonderful! Showed me around and told me the history, it’s a very impressive set up. These hats caught my eye, the colour and the material.  Somehow just says it all.

I need to do the same for the Fire Service, and prbalby the National Museum for reserch on the 18th Century residence.


Finally, in the middle of all this, I am starting to get serious about the image I am going to use for the next GSD fundraiser poject. This is major exhibition planned for autumn called  ‘A Natural Selection’ on themes from the Btanic Gardens. I have just noticed tha dedline is a lot sooner than I thoght! Oops.


Like most artists I Ireland I have to do other things and work to fund my art habit, and that had to get fitted in there somewhere too.

All this and a heatwave!!



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