Printmaking in the Spring

So, out of the blue I decided to start a proper blog.  At first I put it off, and then I forgot.

I have been settling in to the Graphic Studio, at last I can find the bins! There are three floors. I settled in to the top one fairly fast, it’s mostly presses and all the kit for printing – prepping paper, inks, hotplates and so on.

I got a good introduction to the bit of the second floor I’ll need to use – the Photoexposure unit; we have been introduced and the first plate made. I predict we are going to get on quite well.

But then there is the basement. This is the sharp end of etching. I do like and drool over a nice shiny piece of copper; I have caught myself looking in awe and appreciation if I pass sheets stacked and ready for cutting down, I actually stop and look, the way someone might admire a Porsche or some Manolo’s! Nice shiny copper – yum!

Down here is where we do the acid etching and prepare the plates with resin for aquatint; or cut them to size with industrial guillotines. Most of the processes require safety wear these days,  gloves and a mask.

Cool!  🙂

All set for a spot of Etching


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